Vacheron Constantin & Steve McCurry

Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin
By Steve McCurry


Vacheron Constantin has invited the legendary photographer Steve McCurry to share his unique perspective on the world to illustrate the new Overseas collection, the horological embodiment of its “spirit of travel”. The Maison and Steve McCurry have chosen to roam the world in twelve locations, littleknown and sometimes inaccessible sites captured by the lens of the photographer, that chime with the fundamental values of Vacheron Constantin. The Maison unveiles the first six locations of the Overseas Tour.

The Overseas Tour to perpetuate the spirit of travel
Founded in Geneva in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has consistently cultivated the spirit of travel inherited by one of its founders Francois Constantin. Active on four continents from the 18th century onwards, the Maison quickly sets its sights on far horizons so as to expand its reach.Witnessing its historical archives mentioning the discovery of new unknown places in registers named “Rencontre”. The values associated with travel are indeed an intrinsic part of the Vacheron Constantin heritage and philosophy. The casual elegance and practical nature of the new Overseas watches make them an ideal embodiment of this richly facetted spirit, much as a globetrotter forges a perpective constantly honed and enriched by new discoveries. Through the Overseas Tour announced at the SIHH 2016, the legendary American photographer Steve McCurry perpetuates this tradition by revealing six locations of his journey, captured for eternity

Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque, Mexico: time for transmission
Designed to channel water through the Mexican desert, this ruggedly beautiful aqueduct is the architectural proof of complex expertise and in-depth technological knowledge. This monumental work born out of the encounter of the Roman and Pre-Columbian civilisations, built between 1553 and 1570 and stretching from Zempoala to Otumba, spans an incredible 45 kilometres.


Vacheron Constantin

Steve McCurry’s perspective:
“You fully grasp the visual strength of this aqueduct when you realise that it was built over 500 years
ago with absolute perfect symmetry. I see it as a work with a poetic structure, placed right in the middle of nowhere” Courtesy of Vacheron Constantin